G.B(God Bless)

MC/ C.E.O/

With an Undeniable passion for Hip Hop and unconditional love for Mcing, Canada based rapper G.B (God Bless) has been recording and releasing songs for a decade.
His Journey has not been and easy one, but rather a story full of harsh life lessons and strong will to keep ones dreams alive. Fascinated by the art of Mcing, G.B (God Bless) has had his mind set on becoming a Hip Hop artist since his teens. Growing up in the 90s being heavily influenced By east coast hip hop ( nas , biggie smalls , rakim, krs one…) Its only right that he is now making boom bap nostolgia rap. Determine to stay independent, marketing himself with the “Handz On” brand has become the next logical step in G.B’s progression as an artist. He currently has an EP  out “Handz On Everything”. Available now on  Handzonrecords.com

Latest EP

- Handz On Everything


- Handz On Everything